RELEASED 24.06.13.

The brand new WOLF Music release features the talents of Dutch wonder kid Frits Wentink. At only 23, his unique take on house music extends well beyond his years.

The EP leads with ‘Mouse’, a peak time dancefloor track that has been causing damage on dancefloors across Europe in the months leading up to this release. The deep hypnotic grooves that can be found on ‘One Mouse’ carry on throughout ‘Mice’ & ‘Mices’. With vocal snippets, driving basslines and Frits’ rich production techniques once again creating two great tracks that are crying out to be heard on a large sound system at 3am. Don’t forget, all mice stink alike.

Frits Wentink hails from Ultrecht in Holland where he studied audio design. Growing up on a diet of Madlib & Pete Rock before gravitating to more electronic sounds. Quickly gaining a reputation not only for his unique productions, but for his live sets as well. Not content with standing behind a laptop screen, his live setup contains a 16 channel mixer, synths and homemade midi controllers. Designing his devices in a way that it is easier for the audience to imagine how he controls the sounds, giving the audience a more intuitive idea of what he is doing live.