Het Atelier x De Grote 8

Cartel & VBX ADE Night Festival

“Everything is art nowadays, except you. You are only watching.”

During this night festival these two art collectives will join forces to bring you an experience in art that breaks the traditional views and approaches to art exhibitions and other fancy artshows. We want to lower the standard to look at art in a neutral and fresh way. No technical philosophical bullshit. No deep, arty explanation. We want to give a collaborated exhibition that will support and manifest all kinds of styles and artforms.

We’ve come up with the concept: “Everything is art nowadays, except you. You are only watching.” Expect a lot of creativity that will amaze you, make you laugh and feel the feeling what we want you to feel. Art is for everybody, art doesn’t have to be difficult and you don’t have to understand it. Working with this idea will allow us to put on a mind-blowing exhibition during this great night festival hosted by our favourite music organisations VBX & Cartel. As this is a musical event we will make sure you can enjoy the exhibition along with the music given by Uffe, Tijn Benedek and Ezra Koh.

De Grote 8
An art collective and concepting bureau with independent artists that share each others passion. Every individual has his own background, academic or auto-didact. By the diversity of the artforms and artists they work with, beautiful collaborations are taking place. Painters, Illustrators, Musicians, Conceptual artists and a poet. De Grote 8, creators of concepts and art.

Het Atelier
It is a multi-disciplined working studio run by 3 friends. A place where people meet for work, fun, music and the belief in the beauty of things. Often involving students from the Rietveld Academy, working hard together in the space, on projects in or outside of school. Simply because its much more fun to work with like-minded individuals, and people can inspire each other, even if they are working on completely different things. The freedom of having a space to do anything you want – whenever you want – makes all limitations vanish.